mini goldendoodle rescue lancaster pa

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Then 3 weeks ago, she seemed slower and then deteriorated daily until she couldn’t control her bladder, balance, a head tick or had the strength to jump into her chair. She’s had an ultrasound organs looks good, a chest X ray, which showed spinal arthritis but early, multiple blood test fine, urinalysis fine. She final had a MRI that showed a mass and the base of her brain. The radiologist doesn’t think it’s a tumor but it’s caused her spinal fluid to back up onto her brain. She’s on omeprazole to slow her spinal fluid, denamarin to protect her liver and prednisone to reduce the pressure in her brain. She has improved, but the side effects of the steroids are terrible.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

Because of their smaller size, they can be a great fit for apartment living or a bigger home with room to run.

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mini goldendoodle rescue lancaster pa

“ When relaxed, happy or at play they will prance and skim the ground lightly. ”