goldendoodle adoption illinois

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Some can have seizures, some can die and some can become extremely ill within 24 hours of their vaccination. Unless the owner tells their veterinarian about this issue, they will not check FIRST to see if your dog is having a bad vaccine reaction should this occur. We had a higher incidence of parvo with our young puppies when we did NOT have our strict purchase policy put into place. Since implementing our strict purchase policy of NOT allowing the general public to handle or come into contact with our young puppies, we have not had a single incidence of parvo. Our strict policy as well as changing our vaccines to Neo Par made a huge difference!Changing the way we worked as a breeder made all the difference in the world even though we had lots of potential consumers NOT happy with our change of policy. Breeders can make the difference between life and death where their puppies are concerned if they have a strict policy in place and change the brand of vaccines if they are having issues with the ones they presently use.


Posted on January 1st, 2011 by Admin

They are often very accepting of other dogs, pets, children and the elderly.

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goldendoodle adoption illinois

“ The Golden Retriever Club of America also works with the Morris Animal Foundation and The Canine Health Foundation in providing support and samples for vital research in genetics and health. ”